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Moda menina meias longas meias de inverno quente
  • Moda menina meias longas meias de inverno quente
  • Moda menina meias longas meias de inverno quente
  • Moda menina meias longas meias de inverno quente
  • Moda menina meias longas meias de inverno quente
  • Moda menina meias longas meias de inverno quente
Tipo de pagamento: L/C, T/T
Quantidade de pedido mínimo: 2500 Bag/Bags
Informação básica

Modelo:  MLK129

Descrição do produto Modelo NO.: MLK129 Gênero: garota altura: média característica: respirável, Eco-Friendly temporada: Primavera / Outono padrão: variedade de padrões para coleção Workmanship: ordenadamente cobertos borda transporte pacote: 1 pares origem cabeça-cartão: China idade: crianças Material: poliéster estilo: polainas espessura: Normal Design: muito Fashion Design Fit: caber bem e pode usar na primavera, verão, outono marca: Menglong especificação: 5-8Y HS código: 6115960011 produto Description

1) nome do produto : Lady Invsible forro socks
2) composição: 95% poliéster, 5%Spandex
ou 75% algodão, 22% poliéster, 3% spandex
3) agulha: 144N
4) Tamanho: senhora tamanho, Cruz medida: 22 * 8cm
5) peso: 14g

materiais em nossas meias:
Cotton Fashion Girl Long Socks Winter Warm Socks Cotton (algodón) is a lightweight, moisture absorbing fiber. It's breathable, washable, and durable, and so is the most common fiber in socks. Because it is so great at absorbing moisture, it is generally blended with nylon to help move the moisture away from the foot. 
Polyester   Polyester and stretch polyester are two hydrophobic (water-repelling) fibers that are known for their durability and are extremely colorfast for vivid coloration.
Nylon Fashion Girl Long Socks Winter Warm Socks Nylon is a very strong, versatile, hard-wearing fiber. Socks made of nylon can be thin and silky or bulky and highly elastic. Nylon is often used with other fibers to give added stretch or to improve durability.
Acrylic Fashion Girl Long Socks Winter Warm Socks Acrylic is a synthetic / man-made fiber that provides softness and warmth with little weight, and high durability. Acrylic's inherent properties allow it to hold brighter and more brilliant colors than its natural fiber counterparts.  
Bamboo Fashion Girl Long Socks Winter Warm Socks Bamboo is softer and more breathable than cotton and has a natural sheen tot he surface, so it almost feels like silk or cashmere. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and naturally microbial. Very durable. 


  Angora is the soft hair of an Angora rabbit. Used with other fibers, it provides a soft and comfortable fluffy look. The rabbits molt their fur and farmers pluck the hair.
Cashmere    Cashmere is the soft hair of a Cashmere goat. It provides natural, light-weight insulation with bulk and is considered a luxury fibe


  Wool is the original easy care fiber. Each wool fiber is made up of millions of coiled springs that stretch in use, but coil back to their original positions. Wool naturally has wrinkle resistance, colorfastness, shape recovery, and it breathes with your body. Wo0l yarn, when knot into a thicker sock, tends to be bulky and lofty. Air becomes entrapped and it becomes an ideal insulator. Wool socks also keep feet drier because wool absorbs as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture before it begins to feel damp. 
Silk   Silk is a very smooth, soft, and moisture absorbing fiber. It boasts a high tensile strength and acts as a natural thermal retainer that does not conduct heat. It is woven from the cocoon material of special caterpillars.
Rayon   Rayon is a natural cellulose filament fiber known for its sheen, its soft feel, and its high moisture absorption properties. Sometimes used as a generic term for 'plant fiber'.

Olefin (Polypropylene)

  Olefin (Polypropylene) is a superior water repelling fiber that won't accept moisture. It is used alone or with absorbent outer layers that work together to wick moisture away from your body. It is very strong and it is the lightest of any man-made fiber.


  Rubber latex, which comes from rubber trees, is used in socks for added elasticity and stretch.


  Elastic is a rubber or spandex core covered with nylon to provide extreme stretch and recovery.  

Elastane / Lycra

   Elastane description here. Lycra is a brand-name of high-quality spandex stretch fiber.
Lurex   Lurex is a synthetic fiber that incorporates a glittering metallic thread
Mohair   Mohair is the long, soft, silky hair of the Angora goat. It is 2% stronger than wool and dyes more easily than any other specialty hair fiber.
etiqueta de socks

Fashion Girl Long Socks Winter Warm Socks

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